What we do as your property manager:

Accounting / Financial Services

  • Accounts Receivable & Special Assessment Collection
  • Accounts Payable
  • Financial Management and Reporting 
  • Annual Budget and Special Project(s) Preparation
  • Bookkeeping

Management Services

  • Property Inspections
  • Implementation and Enforcement of Board Policies
  • Attend and coordinate Board Meetings
  • Bid Solicitation and Negotiation
  • Association’s Record Keeping 

Janitorial / Cleaning Services

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Let Us Manage Your Association
  1. Collect maintenance fees due to the Association at designated P.O. BOX.

      2. Deposit all maintenance fees due to the Association at designated bank (Florida Community Bank).

  1. Maintain all financial records of the Association according to generally accepted bookkeeping principles.  All documents shall be maintained at the office of TPS Management.
  1. Maintain Association documents such as correspondence, owner’s list, site plans, etc. which shall be received from the Board of Directors.  
  1. Maintain accounts receivable records for each owner.
  1. Mail out delinquent late fee notices.
  1. Coordinate with the association’s attorneys the collection of late maintenance fees, special assessments, and any other debts due to the Association.
  1. Handle telephone inquiries regarding maintenance fees, collections, common areas repairs, complaints, etc.
  1.   Reconcile bank account monthly.
  1. Assist in the preparation of the annual budget.
  1. Mail out notice and attended the annual budget meeting.  Mail out annual/election meeting notices and attend the meeting.  Both meetings to be held on the same day.  
  1. Provide a monthly status report of cash activities showing disbursements, expenses, accounts receivable, balance sheet, income statement, reserves (if applicable), etc.
  1. Provide a monthly status report of delinquent accounts showing unit number, owner’s name, and amount due. 
  1. Prepare checks to pay the association’s bills to be signed by the board of directors or pay online.
  1. Provide designated CPA information necessary to perform the annual tax return and financial statements.  There will be a separate charge for the work of the CPA. 
  1. Coordinate with an insurance agent the insurance requirements of the association.
  1. Obtain contracts/estimates and coordinate with contractors, via telephone, any required improvements and/or repairs to be performed in the common areas.  Contracts to be executed by the Board of Directors.
  1. Mail violation letters to owners as instructed by the board of directors.
  1. Process requests for architectural alterations. 
  1. Provide emergency service 7 days a week.